What We Do

Public Affairs

Tailoring your message and communicating it precisely to key audiences are critical elements to winning the debate in the court of public opinion. JDA Frontline develops, implements and manages the critical communications infrastructure needed to break through today’s media clutter. Our communications experts can create a winning strategy for your organization.


Trevor Francis
Executive Vice President and Managing Partner

Adam Temple
Vice President, Public Affairs


The power to persuade depends on creativity and a unique ability to frame an argument. From creating an award-winning advertisement to strategically selecting the audience, our seasoned professionals can ensure that advertising is a valuable tool to enrich your communication plan and garner support for your mission. JDA Frontline goes beyond just making noise and creates and conducts a symphony with your message in order to make an impact on your audience.


Chris Billeter
Vice President, Digital Media


"New" media is no longer new. It has become the standard. What your online footprint says about you in a digital world makes a big difference today…and tomorrow. With today’s fast-paced social media focus, it is imperative to have the skills and expertise to interact on all fronts within the digital realm. At JDA Frontline, we realize how important having a strong online presence is.

Are you ready to move beyond the 250 people in the room and communicate to 250 million? We are.


Chris Billeter
Vice President of Digital

Who We Help

Public and Privately Held Corporations:
The nexus of politics and policy affects commerce and markets. Engaging audiences big and small, national and regional, inside the Beltway and outside of it should be a critical part of modulating opinions and promoting your business’ attributes.

Business and Trade Associations:
The principle of “strength in numbers" works most effectively when volume AND value are applied to your association’s arguments.

Regulated Industries:
Left unchallenged, some decision-makers believe there’s never enough “red-tape” that can be thrown at your business. But those decision-makers answer to public audiences who value an industry’s products and services. JDA Frontline trains its efforts on mobilizing those public audiences.

Non-Profit Organizations:
Advocacy and its value are never lost on organizations dedicated to making a difference in the public policy arena. Augmenting and elevating non-profits, their issues and their mission are at the heart of what we do.

Political Organizations:
The war of ideas depends on clear lines and contrasts, mobilization and persuasion. As professionals with extensive experience in building the communications systems and strategies needed to win, JDA Frontline engineers and implements the plan to victory.