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Kevin Madden launched and directs the firm's Washington, DC operations. Mr. Madden is recognized as one of the most talented political and communications operatives in the country, having served as a strategist to many of the nation's most influential power players.

Jim Dyke has 20 years of experience working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, public policy makers and national and statewide political campaigns. His track record of helping companies develop strategies that successfully deliver complex messages to targeted audiences has led him to advise national energy companies, television networks, defense contractors and financial services providers.

Laura Crawford has been a creative force in successful corporate, issue advocacy and political campaigns around the world for 20 years. Her experience includes ad creation for President George W. Bush, The Republican National Committee, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and various senate, congressional and corporate clients. Her behind-the-scenes style yields comfortability and ease with applying strategic creative and high production value to very complex issues.

Jim Dyke

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